How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom?

Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in a home to renovate. They are also important to renovate, as a bathroom remodel can really give your house an updated look and help you sell it if that’s what you are looking to do. Outdated bathrooms can make your house much more difficult to sell.

Before you jump in to a bathroom remodel, you need to consider if you are ready for one. Unlike redoing a bedroom, the amount of work needed required to renovate a bathroom can take weeks. Assuming the contractors show up on time every day, the materials aren’t on backorder, and there are no unexpected hurdles, even remodeling a small bathroom takes an average of 23 days. If your contractors don’t work on weekends (most don’t), this means your bathroom renovation will take roughly 4.5 weeks. Larger bathrooms can take several weeks more.

Why does it take so long to remodel a bathroom?

This process takes so long because there are so many steps to a bathroom remodel. If you are redoing everything, including replacing all plumbing and light fixtures, a careful demolition of the existing bathroom must take place. If no leaks or structural damage are discovered during demolition, your contractors can proceed to the next step.

The plumbing and electrical work takes place after demolition is complete. This process is one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of a bathroom remodel. Hiring good plumbers and electricians costs money, and getting plumbing fixtures in place can take some time. Installing showers alone can take several days because of the need first install a cement floor, liner, drain, and wall boards. This all takes time to dry and set. Electrical work takes time because of the need to make sure everything works safely in a room that is often wet.

After this step, it is time to install the dry wall. This can also take several days, as the drywall mud needs time to dry. Rushing this process can result in noticeable imperfections in painted walls.

Once the drywall is complete, it is time to put in the tub (if you are installing one) and the tub surrounds. If you are using tile tub surrounds, this can take up some time as they must have time to dry and set.

Painting, cabinets, and flooring come next. The process of priming, painting, and sealing a bathroom takes more time than painting other rooms, as more work must be done to prevent moisture damage. Installing a tile floor is also time-consuming, as it is a painstaking process to make sure tile is installed evenly. You must also allow time for the tile to set.

There are other finishing touches to renovating a bathroom, including installing a toilet and things like towel bars and shower rods. You can probably see why it takes so much time to remodel a bathroom. Should you decide to renovate your bathroom, be sure you understand how much time is needed and plan accordingly.

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