Semi-gloss Versus Satin Paint

When you decide to paint your walls, you need to choose more than just paint color. You also must select a paint finish. There are several varieties of paint finish, from matte to high gloss. Many people choose either semi-gloss or satin finish, due to their durability and other characteristics. So, how are they different, and which one should you choose?

Satin paint is also known as eggshell, as the finish is like the shine of an eggshell. This is a low-sheen paint that can handle light scrubbing. Semi-gloss paint is more popular because it is more durable than satin finish. It can handle rougher cleaning without losing its shine. Though it is more glossy than satin finish, it is still not too shiny, so it is a good choice as a general indoor paint.

Semi-gloss paint has one major drawback, in that its shine causes it to show even the smallest imperfections in your walls. Satin paint’s duller shine is better at hiding bumps and ripples on the surface of your walls. If your walls are not perfectly smooth, then, you probably want to consider using satin finish paint.

If you are painting walls in a kitchen or bathroom, you most likely want to use semi-gloss paint. This is because it is easier to clean. It can handle tougher scrubbing than sating finish, which also makes it an ideal choice to use on cabinets, since they can often become dirty. Semi-gloss is also more resistant to moisture, which is another reason to use it in rooms where water is used and humidity levels can rise.

Satin paint can still hold up to cleaning, but you have to be gentler with it. It is a good choice for most walls in your home, as well as ceilings, doors, walls, and windowsills. It is also good to use in children’s rooms, since you can clean it. If your kids are prone to coloring on walls, however, you may want to consider semi-gloss in their rooms.

When it comes to price, semi-gloss is more expensive than satin finish. This is because of its durability and stain-resistance. It is so durable that walls will usually dent if something bumps into them before semi-gloss paint will chip or fall off. Satin paint is less durable and harder to clean. Because of this, it is less expensive. In many locations in your house, though, ease of cleaning and durability aren’t going to be much of an issue. In this case, you can save some money by using satin finish paint in these areas.

While both paint finishes can be used in any room or any part of your house, it is important that you consider these factors before selecting a paint finish. This can save you costly re-painting in the long run.

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