Wood Lathe Tools

The lathe was invented by the Egyptians and mankind has been making use of it for so many years since 1300BC. The wood lathe tools work by rotating a piece of wood on its axis. This gives a chance to the person operating the tools to make some alterations on the piece of wood using a number fop other specialized tools. These tools have the ability to knurl, sand, drill and cut. These wood lathes tools were particularly beneficial to the early civilizations due to their ability to create an object that is perfectly rounded. This is such a great benefit especially when it comes to the production of pumps’ and mills’ parts and wheels for carts.

Lathe Components

The typical wood lathes tools come with a headstock that has a motor inside which controls on a single side. Connected to the headstock is a spindle on which you place the objects that you would like to make alterations on and there is also a tailstock which serves the purpose of securing the object’s other side. Along the tool’s bottom is a bed that extends which serves as a surface for the fastening of tools that are used for rotating, sanding, grinding or cutting the object.

Woodworking Lathes

The wood lathes tools are usually referred to as wood turning and are the oldest lathe variety that is still in use currently. With these tools one can be able to alter the shape of wood. All you will need to do is to put the [piece of wood between the two lathe mounts, turn it then apply carving tools on the surface. A number of the many wooden products that are made using wood lathe tools include bowls, handrail spindles and chair or table legs.


The Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe is a great wood-turning machine for rotating pieces around its axis for sanding, cutting, drilling, or other wood turning requirements. This type of lathe is great for making wood objects such as bowls, pens, table legs, and more.

The Delta Industrial 46-460 is a powerful lathe that has multiple speeds for accuracy. It is possible to select a different speed without even changing the belt. This can give you a very good and smooth end-product. Delta is renowned for its five year warranty.

A potential drawback of this lathe is that it is not always very sturdy. The tool rests are made out of cast iron, which is actually too soft for the lathe. Also, the live center can wobble sometimes.

Why do we still recommend it?

Delta Industrial 46-460 is very powerful for its price, and it can hold objects up to 12.5 inches. It also has switches for changing speeds and for changing directions, which makes woodworking easier. All these features come at a price less than six hundred dollars, which makes it one of the cheaper midi lathes. Backed up by a five year warranty, this midi lathe is guaranteed to be a quality wood lathe tool.

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